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"Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves."

-James Matthew Barrie

We LOVE our Volunteers

Volunteers at the Stowe Free Library work with our staff of five to support our library collection and programs, keep our library doors open 45 hours a week, and to provide the community with a welcome space and friendly smile. 


Volunteering is 
so GOOD for you!

According to the American Heart Association, volunteering can lower your blood pressure and risk of heart disease!

According to the Harvard School of Medicine, volunteering can increase your lifespan and ward off cognitive decline!

And according to the Mayo Clinic, volunteering can increase your self-esteem and offer more opportunities to nurture new and existing friendships!

Finally, read                     about how volunteering can increase your productivity and motivation!

Volunteering is 
GREAT for the Community!

We have three opportunities for volunteers at Stowe Free Library:

Desk Volunteers help the staff once a week for 3- to 5- hour shifts. Our desk volunteers check books in and out, help with shelving, and help others find books, or add to their own reading wish lists!

Friends of the Library support the programs and collections by fundraising throughout. the year. This group works with book donations throughout the year, and 

Finally, Trustees of the Library are appointed by the Selectboard, and help develop policy, set goals for the library, and weigh in on library budgets and funding.

We would love for you to join us! Send us a message below to get more details or sign up!

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